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Business Insights

Knowledge share

Sharing knowledge and getting the right knowledge when it’s needed is really important to the sustainable development of your business. By supplying timely knowledge through to investors, advisors and those on the ground there is the opportunity to review, advise and act before a crisis occurs.

3rd Party Integration


Chemical application on fruit requires strict timing and testing. By bringing together data from multiple sources a clear picture of the business process is developed. From tracking sample movements from farm through to lab, all of this information is presented on an easy to follow dashboard and securely stored for future access.

Datacooee: data analytics visualisation

Live Monitoring


To reduce the amount of time traveling to check beehives Datacooee has been configured to deliver a live monitoring and alert solution. Datacooee monitors and reports the weight of the hives in realtime and once the hives reach a certain weight a text message is sent to the bee keeper saving him the trip and fuel to check.

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Multiple Data Sets

Large scale farming  

Large scale farming generates multiple streams of data. Datacooee brings all of this data together in one central location for secure storage, management and analysis. From soil reports and weather data, to the ability to track chemical usage, cattle movements and crop progress these can be tracked against forecasts and agronomy reports to yield better results.


Production monitoring 

Increased productivity and efficiency in the production of organic compost is down to knowing when optimal conditions for turning are reached. Realtime data removes the guess work, creating a streamlined business that can deliver a quality product on budget and on time.

Datacooee: data out - IoT, Big Data, AI

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