ABOUT Datacooee

We are the cutting edge of connected technology.


We integrate with Internet of Things devices to bring live, realtime data from sensors and third-party suppliers to a single, cohesive platform.

As a result of combining data from multiple sources, Datacooee becomes your Big Data management platform. Then, by using our specialist tools to understand the data, Datacooee’s powerful engine develops Machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities.

The future integration of blockchain technologies will see smart contracts secure the relationship between you, your assets and your data.

Above all, continued development in these areas ensures Datacooee remains at the forefront of these technical advances. By doing this we continue to supply you, our customer, with the latest in connected technology capabilities.

Our Technology

Our technology stack is based on open source technologies which we are proud to utilise and contribute back to the community.

Deploying the app through the use of Docker containers allows for individual server instances based on the user requirements.

The modular structure of Datacooee allows us to develop custom solutions on top of our cloud offering.

Ready to go?

Datacooee is available for you to start using today. We supply you with the documentation to get you started, and the support to keep you going. 

Or, take a hands off approach and with a fully managed solution from set up to reporting. The choice is yours.